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Author / ConvenerPanel / SectionType of change
24.11.2014Freschi, ElisaSection 22: Originality and the Role of Intertextuality in the Context of Buddhists Textsadditional convener
20.08.2014Mak, Bill Panel 3 new speaking time11:30-12:00
17.08.2014Fumihito, Nishizawa Section 15cancelled
17.08.2014Luo, HongSection 19cancelled
15.08.2014Lewis, ToddPanel 19cancelled
--Ganeri, JonardonSection 09cancelled
13.08.2014Lopez, ManuelPanel 24cancelled
12.08.2014Kaufmann, Paulus Panel 05cancelled
12.08.2014new chair: Yi, JongbokPanel 01new chair
12.08.2014Ponampon, Phra KiattisakSection 14cancelled
11.08.2014Cathy Cantwell; Jowita KramerSection 22Abstract for Section
11.08.2014Cho, Eu-sunSection 07updated version
11.08.2014Kim, Sung-Eun ThomasSection 3cancelled
11.08.2014Cho, SeungmeeSection 16cancelled



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